Want Factor Distribution Chart

Purpose: The Want Factor Distribution chart allows users to view the weights of each primary category in relation to one another. It also allows users to adjust weights, as needed, for each category. 

Overview: The Want Factor Distribution chart, accessed by selecting the Want Factor Distribution button under the Want Scoring column on the Charts page, allows a user to view how each primary category has been weighted in relation to one another and provides a visual of the weight assigned for each primary category used throughout the evaluation of the locations.

Where Do You Find the Want Factor Distribution Chart?


How to:

A user can adjust the font size and padding (the space between the border and where the graph begins) on all sides of the chart by manually changing the numbers located directly above the Want Factor Distribution chart.

A .jpg file of the chart image can be downloaded by selecting the Download Image button located in the top right-hand corner of the page.


Want Factor Distribution Chart Modifications


A user can also change the weight of each primary Want category (which will affect the overall distribution of each category on the Want Factor Distribution pie chart) by adjusting the weights located to the left of the chart. As changes are made to the weights, the results are shown in real time on the Want Factor Distribution chart.

Note: Any changes to the primary category values in the Charts section will affect changes throughout the entire project.


Primary Category Weights