Revenue Costs Chart

Purpose: The Revenue Costs chart allows a user to view the total estimated annual revenue for each location in comparison to one another. 

Overview: The Revenue Costs chart, accessed by selecting the Revenue Costs button located under the Financial Analysis column on the Charts page, displays the estimated annual revenue for each location in a stacked bar chart format which allows a user to quickly reference the total anticipated annual revenue as well as the value of the revenue components. The revenue component colors are consistent across each location to allow for quick comparison of categorical revenue sources.


Where Do You Find the Revenue Costs Chart?


How to: A user can adjust the format of the location labels in the chart by selecting an option in the Location Label Format dropdown menu located in the top left-hand corner.

A user can edit what location statuses are included in the chart by selecting and/or deselecting Retained, Marginal, Withdrawn, Eliminated, or any combination of the four options. 

Specific categories for comparison can be adjusted by selecting and/or deselecting the items listed under Categories to Include.

A .jpg file of the chart image can be downloaded by selecting the Download Image button located in the top right-hand corner of the page. 


Revenue Costs Chart Modifications